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Roof Saver Sprinklers

An easy to use, high quality and low cost option for bushfire & wildfire protection.

Protect your Home

How It Works

Roof Saver Sprinklers® are made in the USA. The patented sprinklers thoroughly wet roofs, gutters, decks, surrounding trees, and shrubs making these fuels less susceptible to ignition. Don't stand on your roof with a hose! Turn your sprinklers on. Get your family safe. Prepare to evacuate.

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We will have hoses again the end of October. Teknor Apex has temporarily halted manufacturing 3/4" hoses due to CoVid employee spacing restrictions. We do have sprinklers, hose holders and Rapid Deployment Kits available.

We have been in business for over 10 years!

Our customers can reach us at for additional support. For Canadian orders, please email or call 530-367-3397 for shipping information.

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What Customers Are Saying

I just placed the sprinklers on my roof and it was so easy. These are well made, easy to install and so economical. Everyone should have these beauties on their roof."

Claudia C.

“We just had time to turn on our Roof Saver Sprinklers as we were evacuated!  When we could return to our home days later, our sprinklers were still running and our house was still standing!  Sadly, some of our neighbors were not so lucky. Thank you Roof Saver Sprinklers!”

John M.

This product is the cheapest, easiest and smartest solution! It's a no brainer and the best product on the market.

Craig W. -Canada

We were forced to evacuate our ranch due the River Fire in Northern Ca. As we left, we turned on our Roof Saver Sprinklers. Upon return, we saw our neighbor had lost his home. Our home and barn were untouched. Cal Fire said that the Roof Saver Sprinklers saved our property!

Lisa and Lucie