How it works

Over 90% of homes that ignite in a wildfire (except home-to-home ignition) are due to flying embers and burning particles up to a mile ahead of the main fire.

The roof is the most vulnerable part of any home during a wildfire. Wood shake shingles, leaves & pine needles on the roof or gutters is usually the first thing to ignite.

This product is not intended to put out a fire, but to help prevent ignition.

Roof Saver Sprinklers® thoroughly wets roofs, gutters, decks, surrounding trees, and shrubs making these fuels less susceptible to ignition.

This soaking of the roof and landscape also releases moisture into the air lowering ambient temperatures and increasing humidity levels.

If possible, run sprinklers for several hours prior to the arrival of the fire.

The wetter the better, but any run time will increase your home’s chance of survival.

Turn on your sprinklers and prepare to evacuate!