Buyers Guide

roof saver sprinkler buyers guide

Adjustable vs Non-Adjustable Sprinkler Heads

Order Sprinkler Heads according to pressure and/or adjustment requirements.

Both sprinkler heads spray approximately a 40’ to 48’ diameter or 80’- 96’ circle.


Adjustable Sprinkler Heads   Lower Pressure 35 – 70 psi

  1. Adjustable Sprinkler heads are recommended for any home that has less than 60 psi water pressure.   Operates best 35 – 70 psi range.
  2. You can adjust the spray to maintain an even spray pattern.
  3. Anyone that wants to limit the distance and/or rotation. 
  4. Uses approximately 3.5 to 5.0 gpm (gallons per minute)


Non-Adjustable Sprinkler Heads  Higher Pressure 60 – 100 psi

  1. Recommended for higher pressure applications. Operates best 60 – 100 psi range
  2. Works great and delivers an even spray above 60 psi.
  3. No Adjustment – Only travels in a full circle and cannot adjust distance.
  4. Less moving parts.
  5. Uses approximately 3.5 to 5.0 gpm (gallons per minute)