Great Reviews from Our Satisfied Customers

 Hello, I wanted to send you our appreciation. Three days ago a prescribed burn got out of control. An emergency alert was sent to my phone stating a fire is heading to your residence and to evacuate. Last year I purchased three Roof Saver Sprinklers, two for my home and one for the detached garage. I turned on the Roof Saver Sprinklers and left. Yesterday we returned to our home. I could tell that there were a lot of embers flying and pine needles on fire. If we didn't have these great sprinklers, we probably wouldn't have a home to come back to!

Matt and Deanna

Rolling Pines Fire, Texas


Debbie G. from Foresthill, CA writes:

“We live on the edge of the Tahoe National Forest with nothing but steep canyons between us and the American River 3,000 ft below. We have cleared our property and created defensible space approved by the local Fire Dept. Even though we’ve done all that is required to protect our property from wildfire, we felt we needed the extra added security of the Roof Saver Sprinklers to wet the house, garage and surrounding grounds. We have 4 units installed – 2 on our garage and 2 on our house. Our house is about 2400 sf plus the garage area. The entire system took less then 30 minutes to install and is connected to a hose bib in our yard. Not only are these extremely durable roof sprinklers essential in case of wildfires, we also run them on hot days to cool off our house and yard…it makes a big difference on our air conditioning bill. If you’re in an area prone to wildfires or hot weather conditions, I’d highly recommend installing these affordable Roof Saver Sprinklers. We love them!”

Joan M. from Granite Bay, CA writes:

“I still have a wood shingle roof.  I was so worried every time I smelled smoke.  I sleep better knowing I have Roof Saver Sprinklers protecting my home.”

Jim W. from Grass Valley, CA  said:

“This is a great product!  My home now has a much better chance of surviving a wildfire!”

Bill S. from Santa Barbara, CA said:

“I looked at other wildfire protection systems that cost over $6,000.  Roof Saver Sprinklers does the same job for under $700.00!  Not only does it water my roof, it also soaks my deck and plants near the house.”

Bill W. from Colorado Springs CO said:

“I did my research and checked all the other products out there.  Roof Saver Sprinklers is by far the best product available! Great Job, and keep up the good work!”

Michael S. from British Colombia, writes:

“In Canada, local fire crews routinely deploy rooftop sprinkles ahead of approaching wildfires.  Your product sets up easier, is more sturdy, and is much less expensive than the ones commonly used here! Thanks again.”

John M. from Flagstaff, AZ wrote:

“We just had time to turn on our Roof Saver Sprinklers as we were evacuated!  When we could return to our home days later, our sprinklers were still running and our house was still standing!  Sadly, some of our neighbors were not so lucky. Thank you Roof Saver Sprinklers!”

Craig B. from Alberta, Canada wrote:

“I very much appreciated your flexibility in handling my order.  It is not always easy to source specialty products from small U.S Suppliers when you live in Canada.”