Rapid Deployment Kit

This kit is crafted for professionals to be deployed ahead of an approaching wildfire.

It enables Firefighters and Protection Teams to have the flexibility to oversee multiple structures, work on Defensible Space, attend to Spot Fires, etc., all while keeping roof, gutters, and the surrounding area wet.

Each Reusable Kit Includes

  • Three   non-adjustable Rooftop Sprinklers. Each sprinkler covers an 80' to 96' circle. It wets the roof, gutters, decks and surrounding trees and ground.
  • Three   3/4 inch X 50' flat roll out fire hoses
  • One 3/4" Full Flow Wye (Y) Fitting
  • One Heavy duty Vinyl Coated Nylon Orange Equipment bag. This will contain the entire kit.


Product Features:

Deploys in minutes! Made in the USA, Patented Wildfire protection system. All steel welded construction. Brass fittings and brass impulse sprinklers. This kit is designed for Fire Fighting Professionals or Structure Protection Teams.  Sprinkler frames bend to fit almost any roof pitch. Rubber feet add extra grip on the roof. Low profile design has no impact from wind. Will work with house water pressure @#60psi but can handle the higher pressures of robust water systems and fire pumps. We use no plastic parts! Kit can be used again and again!

Sprinkler Kit Specifications:

Dimensions 24" x 18" x 10", Weight 26 lbs, operates on 60-110psi, each sprinkler uses 3.5-5gpm@60psi

Safety Warnings and Precautions:

When installing sprinklers and hoses, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of personal injury. WARNING: Falls from a ladder or roof may result in serious injury or death. Caution must be used by the installer. In no event is Roof Saver Sprinkler liable for death, injury, loss or any other damages. 

Use Caution When Charging System! Ease on pressure to avoid water hammer or hose whip!

 Installation Instructions

Position the sprinklers on the roof and adjust the frames to align with the roof's pitch. Unroll the hoses, lower one down, and connect it to your water source. Link the hoses between the sprinklers. You can connect the sprinklers in series or utilize the included wye (Y) fitting to branch off a sprinkler to a different direction. 

Sprinkler Spacing

Sprinkler patterns should overlap for proper coverage. Each sprinkler will spray approximately an 80" to 96" circle. Adjust placement to maximize coverage areas.


Wildfires can happen without warning! We recommend installing our regular sprinkler systems before a wildfire event occurs. Our regular systems only take about an hour to install and can be left in place. This allows you to just turn your system, get everyone in your house safe and prepare to evacuate.

Installation Video